About Us

We are the next generation IRO.

SiteBridge Research is an Integrated Research Organization (IRO). We help connect physicians and their patients to clinical trials and facilitate the process by reducing barriers for sites and participants.

Bridging the Gap in Clinical Trials

Building a national network of community practices, we deliver world-class industry-sponsored
clinical research on time and on budget, to serve the people and communities who need it most.

Reach further.

We facilitate clinical research as a care option in communities where patients are marginalized and underserved, hardest to reach and accelerate time to market and product adoption in these same communities.

Empower more.

The SiteBridge network empowers a broader set of patients with some of the highest unmet needs to take part in clinical research to improve health outcomes. Their voice in the community is amplified with sustained community engagement to build and extend a trusted relationship with patients.

Improve health.

Our team enables more practices and physicians to take part in clinical trials. We decrease administrative burden and ensure practices have the right tools to offer clinical research as a care option to their patients. This innovative care option helps participants and collectively advances the health of the community.

Mission. Vision. Purpose.


To build bridges to reach further into the community and empower more physicians and patients to take part in clinical research.


To ensure research participation reflects the diversity of the real world.


To enable access and improve health outcomes in the communities that can benefit the most.

Core Values

We have a
relentless passion to deliver

Our team has a passion to make a meaningful impact through how we work together focusing on collaboration, accountability, resiliency, and quality. We embrace the hard work needed to achieve our collective goals and go the extra mile in the pursuit of excellence. We have a service mentality that listens first and then acts. We know we do not have all the answers yet will find ways to win together with our strong partners and community champions.

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We cultivate
a continuous learning mindset

Change doesn't happen overnight. Together we learn from the past, focus on today, and look towards tomorrow. We embrace curiosity, challenge the status quo, foster change, and use innovative approaches and cutting-edge technology to disrupt with agility and purpose.

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We believe
trust is earned

Integrity, respect, honesty, and transparency are non-negotiable. Authenticity of purpose is foundational. We are mission driven to transform the clinical trial landscape and our sustained commitment starts with doing the right thing at every turn and puts the trusted relationship of the patient and doctor at the center.

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We champion

We celebrate the spirit of diversity, equity, and inclusion and the different temperaments, talents, and convictions it brings forward. Diversity is intentional in who we are, who we work with, who we aim to better support, and how we see the world across and at the intersection of different dimensions. We believe diversity leads to better outcomes and fundamentally can improve health.

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We put community
at the core

Communities connect us. We believe each of us is part of something greater, and that we have a responsibility to support and give back to the communities around us. We want to find more and better ways to access, engage and sustain the communities we live and work in, creating a better tomorrow.

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SiteBridge Research was founded in collaboration with Health2047, the innovation and commercialization subsidiary of the American Medical Association (AMA) that is transforming healthcare at the system level.

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