Our mission is to build bridges to reach further and empower more physicians and patients to take part in clinical research and improve health outcomes in the communities that need them the most.

About Us

SiteBridge Research is an integrated research organization, building a national network of small and community practices to deliver world-class industry sponsored clinical research on time and on budget, accelerating time to market and product adoption in communities that are hardest to reach. The SiteBridge network extends reach further into these communities to empower a broader set of patients with some of the highest unmet needs to take part in clinical research to improve health outcomes. That voice in the community is amplified with sustained community engagement to build and extend a trusted relationship with patients.

The SiteBridge Research team enables more practices and physicians to take part in research using its trial-in-a-box platform of best-of-breed technologies, processes, and research experienced support staff. This approach helps to remove administrative burden from the practices and ensure they have the right tools to navigate the evolving landscape of digital and decentralized clinical trial services and real-world-data. Physicians can access the most innovative treatments and offer clinical research as a care option to their patients.


SiteBridge Research Inc. is backed by Health2047. In partnership with the AMA, Health2047 is transforming healthcare at the system level.

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