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Frequently Asked Questions


What is SiteBridge Research?

SiteBridge Research is an integrated research organization, building a national network of small and community practices to deliver world-class industry sponsored clinical research on time and on budget, accelerating time to market and product adoption in communities that are hardest to reach.

What type of sites make up the SiteBridge network?

SiteBridge is partnering with community-based physicians across independent or affiliated networks: community hospitals and health systems; small and medium sized physician practices, across family practice, internal medicine, primary care, cardiology and other multi-specialty groups; and federally qualified health centers (FQHCs).

What type of clinical research does SiteBridge support?

SiteBridge targets industry (pharmaceutical/biotech and medical device) sponsored phase II, III and phase IV observational and interventional clinical trials.

What types of activities in the clinical trial process does SiteBridge support?

The SiteBridge team can support aspects of business development, feasibility, budgets and contracting, training, site visits, regulatory document collection and site start-up, patient recruitment and screening, data collection and submission, adverse event reporting, audit support/inspection readiness, study close-out support.

What type of clinical trial experience do our physicians/institutions need in order to engage with SiteBridge?

SiteBridge is initially targeting physicians that have been involved in some level of industry sponsored clinical research as a primary investigator or sub-investigator, so that they understand the expectations and Good Clinical Practice (GCP) processes involved. Over time, more clinical trial naïve practices and investigators will be engaged, trained, and onboarded to be included in our SiteBridge network.

What does the commercial model look like for SiteBridge and the Sites?

SiteBridge will help the sites within its network contract with pharmaceutical companies for specific clinical trials and then support the administration and delivery of those trials at the sites, with both the site and SiteBridge receiving fair market value compensation for its respective activities during the trials. SiteBridge is committed to providing financial transparency with the sites it works with.

When SiteBridge references underrepresented patient populations, what groups does this include?

SiteBridge supports the diversity of patients and the intersectionality of patients across lines of racial, ethnic, gender, age, socioeconomic, geographic, disability and educational dimensions, knowing some of these dimensions can be related to social determinants of health (SDOH). Traditionally underrepresented racial and ethnic groups include Black, Latinx, and Indigenous patient populations.

If my team already conducts research, can we use our existing tools and standard operating procedures (SOPS)?

To maintain consistency and oversight across the network and the highest level of quality at each step in the process, the SiteBridge team will require use of a core set of technologies and SOPs and will support any training of additional team members as needed. In rare cases, exceptions can be granted.