PODCAST | JUNE 22, 2021

Bending the Curve for Cardiovascular Disease

Dr. Manesh Patel, the Richard Stack distinguished professor at Duke University School of Medicine, Chief of the Cardiology Division and co-director of the Heart Center, speaks with host Dr. M. Christine Stock, Managing Director of Medical Affairs at Health2047. They discuss Dr. Patel's involvement in clinical trials for patients with cardiovascular disease and an innovative startup that plans to bring clinical trials to independent physician practices and to patients from medically underserved communities.


Health2047 Spins Out SiteBridge Research to Improve Clinical Trial Access for Small and Community Physician Practices

Health2047 Inc., the Silicon Valley-based innovation subsidiary of the American Medical Association (AMA), has spun out portfolio company SiteBridge Research, Inc., which seeks to make clinical trials more accessible by empowering a broader set of physicians and their patients to take part in research though its novel 'Trial-In-A-Box' platform. SiteBridge Research (SiteBridge) is creating a sustainable path towards enriched real-world data (RWD) and real-world evidence (RWE), resulting in more widely applicable clinical trial results. This approach will accelerate the time to market and ultimately product adoption in communities that are harder to reach and have some of the highest unmet needs.

"We're excited by SiteBridge Research's mission to democratize clinical trials by opening access and removing barriers to different parts of the clinical trial ecosystem,"
-Lawrence K. Cohen, CEO of Health2047.


Democratizing Clinical Trials

Chris Komelasky and Neile Grayson speak with host Dr. M. Christine Stock, Managing Director of Medical Affairs at Health2047. Chris Komelasky is CEO of SiteBridge Research and an advisor to Health2047and Neile Grayson is a Managing Director at Health2047. They discuss the importance of clinical research, the empowering impacts research has on a physician's practice, and how to overcome patient barriers.