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Practices that have conducted research have experienced the challenges of clinical trials and often wonder if they have maximized the opportunity for their practice and their patients.

Extending Your Work to
the Underserved

We reduce the increased pressure on clinical trial sites

Because you take the time to introduce clinical trials as a care option, explain the pros and cons of participation, and identify the most appropriate trials for your patients, they are more likely to participate. We make it easier for you to extend that process to racial and ethnic minorities and those who need it most.

Clinical trial sites are not immune from larger forces disrupting the healthcare ecosystem.

SiteBridge helps reduce administrative overload at your site, especially in the evolving landscape and increased complexity of digital and decentralized clinical trial services. This allows our partner physicians to experience more fulfillment while participating in the development of some of the most innovative medical treatments.

Realize Your Full Potential

SiteBridge Research can build on the strong foundation that exists and further unlock the full potential of your practice with a flexible model to support access to more study opportunities, more efficient, more effective trials and even greater growth in your research program.

A Turn-Key Option Just for You

Benefits to the Physicians and Community-Based Practices

Our turnkey solution includes training, technology platforms, supplementary experienced on-site and centralized staff, business development support, access to experienced leaders in clinical and site operations, and community engagement opportunities.



Offload the administrative burden in studies from start-up through study completion, allowing existing practices to spend more time focusing on the core - your patients.

Technology & Partners

Leverage our technology platform and data partners to increase efficiency and quality, while ensuring you are connected to the latest innovations in the space.


Augment your existing team with a flexible set of centralized and onsite experts in all aspects of study support to ensure you have the right experience available when it is needed most.

Optimized Revenue Stream

Access our ongoing stream of clinical trial opportunities to maximize the return on your research program, while we look to remove fixed costs from fully dedicated staff and resources and pay you faster than industry standards.

Community Engagement

Extend beyond your practice walls in new ways to engage local community organizations and leaders to create stronger ties, improve trial awareness, and attract and retain more patients.


Benefits to Patients

We help increase participation by reducing patient barriers

SiteBridge expands on your existing care package by addressing the social determinants of health that may prevent patients from enrolling in clinical trials, or make it difficult for some to remain in the studies.

  • Home care services such as a nurse and a phlebotomist, as allowed
  • Approved and appropriate compensation for the participant's time
  • Transportation assistance when necessary
  • Culturally-competent staff support
  • Health education and culturally-appropriate materials
  • Language interpretation/translation (as applicable and allowed by the study protocols)

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