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For more than 20 years, the pharmaceutical industry has talked about the challenges that have led to a lack of diversity in clinical trials but nothing has changed. Now it's time to bridge the gap. Let's transform what, how, where and with whom research takes place.

Working together with SiteBridge Research, you can transform participant equity and inclusion in clinical trials.

Challenging Landscape

We can help you address the challenges
in the clinical trials landscape

Diversity and Inclusion

Recently, more than 30,000 individuals participated in FDA approved clinical trials that result in the approval of more than 50 new drugs. Of those, 40% were from US studies and the subpopulation was comprised of 29% women, 7% Hispanic, 3.2% black or African American, and 2% Asian. However, the US 2020 Census reports that women comprised 51%, Hispanics 18.5%, black or African American 12.2%, and Asians 5.6% of total US population.1

1 | (source) US Food and Drug Administration. (2019). Drug Trials Snapshots Summary Report. Silver Spring, MD, US Food and Drug Administration.

Complexity and Increasing Costs

The overall cost of clinical trials has increased due to protocol design elements along with the protocol execution and a hefty increase in the total number of procedures - a 69% growth in Phase II and a 49% growth in Phase III trials.

Technological Demands

New technologies are constantly surfacing in the clinical trial space, making it hard for sites and patients to keep up. While new technologies can help ease the clinical trial process, they are not a one-size-fits all solution.

Patient Centricity

Regulatory agencies are encouraging the inclusion of patients in the research design process. But patients are not always aware of the opportunities for participation, which makes it difficult to secure involvement.

Changing Mindset

The current process relies on a linear push for increasing participation (sponsor, CRO, sites). It is not optimal with real world data reflecting patient considerations and physician/investigator roles.

Need for New Physicians/Investigators

The number of active physician investigators decreased by approximately 30% due to the burden of running trials, lack of needed support, and retirement.

Value of Clinical Trials as a Care Option for Patients

71% of patients who participate in clinical trials indicate that they do so because their doctor recommended it. Clinical trials as a Care Option leverages the trust in the patient-physician relationship and opens the door to more inclusive participation.

We offer solutions for every major challenge and
build a bridge for direct to participant research and local sites

Once we have identified your most pressing challenges, we help you meet those challenges.

Community Engagement Efforts

SiteBridge places community engagement efforts front and center. We are here to listen. Our strategy focuses on building, maintaining, and sustaining connectivity and ongoing dialog with all members of the community to ensure better health outcomes are available and achieved.

The Next Generation IRO

Creating the next generation of Integrated Research Organizations by building a national network of community-based practices to tackle those challenges across every stakeholder in the research ecosystem - including participants, physicians, and sponsors.

On Time/On-Budget Aims

Enabling world-class research to be delivered on-time and on-budget in communities that are historically the most vulnerable and hardest to reach, including communities of color and other medically marginalized groups.

Physician-Patient Trust

We know patients trust their physician and community leaders the most. SiteBridge works with you to address recruitment challenges, foster inclusion, and increase access for everyone interested in improving health outcomes.

Our SITE Approach

Leveraging the SiteBridge Integrated Trial Engine (SITE) of best-in-class technologies, processes, and research experienced support staff that removes burden for the patients, physicians and site teams making it easier to take part.

Patient Options

Supporting decentralized and hybrid trial technologies that give more options for patients to engage, and provide the opportunity to reach out to underserved populations and meet them where they are.

At sitebridge research, we drive value to
research programs through:

Expanding Site Footprints

Medical practices not previously considered or accessible create a pipeline of new sites in regions with more representative patient populations, broader prescribers and KOLs, and new paths to capture and enrich real-world-data.

Improving Cycle Times

Streamlined processes with more efficient tools overseen by experts leading responsive site study teams with established physician-patient relationships can accelerate delivery through each step of the study process.

Driving Quality

Experienced, centralized and on-site staff provide operational excellence for the studies and are supported by world-class training, standard processes, technology enabled workflows, best practice sharing, and an integrated quality system to exceed sponsor and regulatory expectations.

Increasing Diverse Patient Participation

Site locations at the point of care where diverse patient populations live paired with more intentional planning and clear goals regarding successful inclusion of diverse patients, can further enhance the trusted relationships with the physician and empower engaged community members to consider research.

Building Trust and Community

Sustained dialog beyond the practice walls to address key questions and challenges provides valuable educational content, increases awareness, and helps establish and strengthen relationships with the community and individual participants to improve access to care and overall health outcomes.