Research needs you!

We are all an important part of research. Research helps us understand the world around us, including why people get sick and how to develop treatments and therapies to help them get better. Most of the medical treatments available today are possible thanks to previous clinical trials.

Why is diversity in
clinical trials important?

Your Opinion Matters

Racial and ethnic minorities, people with disabilities, the LGBTQ community, and other underrepresented groups are of special interest in the clinical trials space.

Your Participation Counts

Your participation is critical in clinical studies because drug response in different diseases can vary significantly between men and women, between younger or older adults, and between different races and ethnic groups.

Your Decision Makes a Difference

By participating in clinical studies, you can help determine if a medicine, vaccine, treatment, or behavioral therapy works for individuals like you in age, gender, occupation, nationality, ethnic background, or sexual orientation.

How do I benefit from
participating in a clinical trial?

People benefit from clinical trials in different ways, including helping others or finding treatments for their own illnesses or diseases.

  • An innovative treatment may be available to you before it goes to market, giving you the opportunity to take advantage of new therapies sooner
  • You can explore treatment options and decide which one works best for you
  • When you are part of a trial, you receive outstanding medical care and constant health check-ups and screenings, typically with zero out-of-pocket costs
  • Trials may offer you access to a variety of resources including expert advice, support groups, and health education materials
  • Trials give you the opportunity to contribute today to the treatments that could help others in your community in the future

Breaking Down the Barriers

SiteBridge Research recognizes that you may face some hurdles that make it difficult to participate in a clinical trial. We address those obstacles head on to make participation possible for you, your family members, or friends. When allowed by the trial sponsors, we plan to provide the following:

  • Appropriate and approved compensation for your time
  • Language interpretation/translation services if you find it easier to communicate in your native language
  • Transportation assistance, when necessary, for participants who depend on a ride to make it to their trial appointments
  • A traveling nurse and/or a phlebotomist might be sent to your home to save you a trip to the doctor's office

We make it easier for you to participate.

How do I know if clinical trials are right for me?

A clinical trial may be right for you, if you are looking for a new treatment option because the current ones are not working for you, or if you would like to help advance new treatments, therapies, or technologies.

Your health care provider can direct you to the best clinical trial opportunity for you or your family members.

Patient FAQs

What are clinical trials?

Clinical trials are research studies in which people volunteer to help find the answers to specific health questions. Participation in these studies is always voluntary.

Are clinical trials safe?

Safety is a priority in clinical studies. Researchers must follow detailed guidelines (eligibility protocols) to ensure each study is as safe as possible. Before you agree to join a clinical trial, the study will be explained to you in an informed consent process.

Why is diversity in clinical research important?

People from different gender, age, racial and ethnic backgrounds may react differently to the same treatments. For example, African Americans sometimes need a different dosage than Asian, Hispanics or whites for certain blood pressure or asthma medications. For this reason, the inclusion of diverse people in clinical research will leads to an improved quality of life.

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